If you are need of making great smoke barbecue, you will definitely need an authentic barbecue smoker. In a really good article about offset smokers by a top chef, he also talks about it. The article provides you with four excellent tips to help you in deciding what type of barbecue smoker is ideal for you. The Four factors include, first, the type of smoker you intend on having. Second, what type of fuel do you intend on burning? Third, What do you intend on using the smoker for? Finally, what is your budget?

Type of Smoker

There are three types of barbecue smokers; there is the certainty that you will make good smoked meat if you use these smokers. The first type of smokers to be considered is the offset smokers. This type of smokers has a firebox incorporated in it, offset from the cooking chamber and it coos its content with indirect heat and smoke. The fuel is burnt in the firebox, heat, and smoke flows into the smoke chamber, cooking and surrounding the meat then making its exit through the chimney. The second type to be considered is the Vertical smoker; the vertical smoker has just a chamber with the firebox incorporated at the bottom and the meat placed over the smoke source on racks. The third type of smoker is the kettle smoker that is somewhat similar to a Weber Grill that almost everyone who grills meat outdoor either has used or have seen at a point in time. A Weber grill can be assembled to be a smoker using wood smoke and indirect heat to make very fine barbecue.

Before you purchase a barbecue smoker. It is important that you do some research and you engage in a thinking process on the type of smoker you will love to have to meet your needs, what you intend on using the smoker for, what your budget is and finally the type of fuel you intend on using. These are very important factor to consider if you intend on getting a perfect barbecue.