Louis Vuitton is considered as one of the most reputed and popular fashion designers in the world. Many people are constantly demanding for their products all over the globe, with stocks sometimes unavailable. Without a doubt, official Louis Vuitton retail stores are the best place to purchase them. You will definitely get a brand new and authentic Louis Vuitton product in a Louis Vuitton bags sale, and they also offer after sales back up to complement the excellent pre-sales service you look forward to getting from one of the retail’s most reputable brands.

With such costly consumer products, there is every chance that cheap counterfeits will find a way of entering the market and due to the low price rate, there is every tendency that the consumers will consider these unfeasible options. These counterfeits or fake Louis Vuitton bags can be hard to spot when isolated and a potential buyer needs to understand some basic things on how to spot an authentic product before making the final decision.

If you want to do a proper identification and be sure that your LV handbag is a real LV product and not a counterfeit item you need to check for a date code that is incorporated on the leather tab and you will always find it inside the inner compartment of the bag. It usually comes in form of two letters and four number codes or in a format of one letter and five number characters that display the country, month and year of production.

Month and year of manufacture

The last four numbers show the month and the year the product was manufactured. The first three displays the week whilst the last digit indicates the year. For instance, a Monogram Canvas Batignolles Vertical by Louis Vuitton that comes with an SP0329 date code would have been produced in France in the 32nd week of 2009.

We hope that this write-up has given you the valuable information you need in order to spot and identify your potential LV bag acquisition in the Louis Vuitton bag sale.