You need to learn a couple of things in the Injustice 2 game, as this comes with numerous features which are more than the basic fighting game. You can decide to utilize both a single-player campaign and multiplayer matches against competitors, which will propel you to earn new gear to train your characters with. Read on to find out the popular Injustice 2 cheats that are available.

The Fundamentals: Build a Definitive Team for Balance

Whether you prefer to play in an offensive position or way with an increased output or build a strong defense to tackle your opponents over time, Injustice 2 has numerous varieties to ensure that the team you desire to create is available and nearby. Always ensure to upgrade the capabilities of your preferred roster members and push them to cause further damage in battle. Use XP Capsules to perform this specific task, plus ensure that you boost their star ratings via the use of Hero Shards. Endeavor to first upgrade your top four heroes (Harley Quinn, Batman, Wonder Woman and possibly Catwoman), you can then decide to upgrade the other ones when you later obtain them. When you finally get to this particular stage, Arkham Knight Batman or Blademaster Robin, ensure that they form an integral member of your team.

When it is time to battle, one of the most fundamental combos that will assist you is a 3-hit tapping combo alongside a crouching attack. It is wise to follow up fundamental combos with exclusive moves that only affect the opponent when he is within reach. Always form a nice combo to create your attacks, bring in another character when your current hero is in bad health condition and use it to accomplish your task immediately it becomes available. At different times and stages, you will notice the appearance of a red bolt over your competitor’s head. This is notifying you that it is time to move away since they are in the best position to land a powerful attack. You must also know the right and the perfect time to block as well and you will become a master on the battlefield.