An exceptional three wheeled Hoverkart that can fit on any hoverboard and permit the user to have their hoverboard converted into an exciting and cool go-kart trike. This new innovative accessory is guaranteed to offer you an endless amount of fun, thus going beyond the typical use of a hoverboard.

So how does the Hoverkart work?

The Hoverkart is a sturdy and simple design that can be assembled by following the instructions of a detailed manual that will assist through the process of building it in a very short period. Not only is the Hoverkart quick to be assembled, it fits almost all hoverboard models ranging from the 6.5 inches wheeled hoverboards to the 10 inched wheeled hoverboards.

This is as easy as having the two simple locking-straps on, attached to the sensor pads, on adjusting the frame it is confirmed that it is ready for use.

Controlling the Hoverkart is very simple with the handles incorporated into it, thus allowing one to control its movement of moving backward, forward, stopping turning and pulling simple wheelies once you grab the hang of it. One unique thing is that in a very short period you will advance from the beginner level to the professional.

Hoverkart features and Specifications

The features depend solely on the model of hoverboard that you are using, below we have listed the major features alongside the general guidelines and specifications that represent the use of this accessory

  • Average Battery life: It spans up to about an hour of continuous use
  • Maximum Speed of about 12 Mph (this de[ends on the kind of hoverboard)
  • Compatible hoverboards: 10 inches., 8 inches, and 6.5 inches – it excludes the Segboard pro
  • Maximum Weight – 100kg or 220lbs (this also depend s on the kind of hoverboard)
  • In the case of users of different heights, there an extendable frame incorporated
  • On either side of the hoverboard, there are two control handles
  • In addition, a front-swivel wheel is incorporated to transform the hoverboard to an electrically powered trike.

So if you currently have a hoverboard and you desire to have additional fun with challenging your friends in a go-karting race, it is only right that you make yourself an order by using the coupon code given below.