When it comes to choosing the style and weight of your darts, there is actually not a wrong choice. It is conventional to have your darts replaced after the first year, it is very important that you do not invest much until you have a good idea on the style that fits you. In due course, it all comes down to which choice you are more comfortable with when at the line. Below are few guidelines to have reviewed before you set out to buy the best throwing darts.


There are various darts available in the market to choose from including tungsten, silver/nickel. Brads and wooden darts. The most renowned dart option for league throwers is the tungsten darts. The high-density tungsten easily permits barrels to be slimmer and it resists wear, for tighter groupings, while the weight of the dart is maintained, at the same time maintaining bounce-outs. When you set out to buy tungsten darts, it is vital that you pay rapt attention to the percentage of tungsten incorporated in the dart barrels, this is very important as it defines the quality of the dart. The higher the percentage of tungsten in the barrel the more expensive and the better the dart.

Silver/nickel and Brass darts are fabricated from less expensive and the soft metal choices. If compared to tungsten, you will observe that the knurling of these dart options easily wears down from contact with friction, skin oils, and other darts, Regardless of this drawbacks, Silver/nickel and Brass Dart are the best options from the economic standpoint.


You personally owe it to yourself to have all the options at your store choice tried out. Darts come in various weight ranging from 12grams to 50grams. It is unconventional to see someone throwing a dart that is somewhat heavier than 30 grams but there are some dart organizations that permits darts of about 50g to be thrown. You can pay a visit to the local dart store in your locality and try out the various darts of varying weights. He speed with which you have the darts thrown will help in determining which if the weight is the most ideal for you. The heavier the dart, you tend to get a slow throw compare to a lighter dart.