It is a good thing to have an idea of the different factors that make up the best undercounter ice maker before going on a hunt for one. This gives you the assurance that you will be splashing your money on a product that is worthwhile, and you have invested in a quality product that will not require you to make additional expenses.

Here are some factors that you may need to take into consideration while you’re filtering your choices in your search for a suitable ice maker to meet your needs.

Energy Efficiency

Definitely, you would need to check your energy consumption on a monthly basis. This should be one of your major considerations in your search for an ice maker. Since an ice maker runs on electricity, it would be better to get something that does not need too much electricity or something that would make a huge hole in your pocket from monthly electricity bills.

The best thing you can do in this case is to check how much energy your choice of ice makers can conserve. Bear in mind that an ENERGY STAR rated ice maker can help you make savings of as much as 15% on electricity and around 23% on water.

Water Filtration

One other factor to consider when it comes to selecting the best undercounter ice maker is the type of integrated water filtration system that comes with your ice maker. Since water is the basic and only ingredient for ice, you want to be sure of the safety. You need to remember that the ice will melt in your drink along with every other thing that is contained in the water it was made from, and you’ll be consuming these things.

Even though it’s not necessary to have a water filter, the recommendation is that it’s better to have a filtration system in place; most importantly for health reasons, you would want ice that is made from water that is clean and safe. Secondly, when it comes to maintaining your machine, it could be an important factor that could contribute to prolonging the lifespan of your product.