If one of your website goals is centered on your anonymity, locating a website host is not similar to locating a domain registrar. In fact, there is the chance that you will find a service that offers both DMCA ignored hosting and domain registration.

In summary, it is very vital that you associate with a service that is dedicated to protecting your anonymity and is not subject to be pressured by legal actions to abandon its primary commitment. Besides, when it comes down to DMCA takedown notices, it is necessary for the copyright plaintiffs to file the takedown notice. It is expected that they have it filed directly with the web host in order to take down the web page containing the content or in some case the entire web site.

This is the part where the offshore hosting is quite significant. Just the same way they are subject to releasing confidential information at the perseverance of the United States court system, in a similar manner are they not bound to respond to DMCA takedown notices and abide by the United States Copyright law.

It is important that you take note that most web hosts make claims of the fact they are operated offshore, when in fact their servers or perhaps their data centers are situated in the United States, thus making it important that you are very careful when making a choice. You will also have to ensure they have themselves billed as “DMCA Ignore”. Just a few legit offshore companies are subject to the United States copyright law, though they do not really have to in the first place. By having themselves stated as “DMCA Ignore” then you are sure that they are actually one of the offshore companies that are not abiding by the United States Copyright law. It is still very important that you inspect their term and conditions thoroughly or you can have a chat with their sales or support representative, just so you can be sure that the content you intend on posting is acceptable.

It is important you are sure about the fact that anonymous payments are accepted. It is quite beneficial to have yourself acquainted with the copyright laws where the DMCA ignore hosting service is found.